Delaware County Legacy Corps. 
An Office for the Aging program

 A community-based volunteer program offering a range of support and services to caregivers in Delaware County

Our public and private sector partnerships enable the Legacy program to offer a variety of supportive resources for caregivers in Delaware County

We receive and coordinate referrals to caregiver households.  The program is a free, community based program established to assist caregivers in what can sometimes be an arduous task in caring for a loved one.  This program also helps to provide the care recipient the opportunity to remain independent and in their homes as long as it is feasible.


Our Goals

  • To improve the quality of life for Delaware County caregivers and their loved ones by reducing the sense of isolation, physical, and emotional stress that accompany the care giving process. 
  • To create a trained volunteer service corps actively engaged in supporting care giving households. 


A much needed break given to a caregiver when needed most is priceless.  Your assistance can provide time for the caregiver's own doctor's appointments, get a new coiffeur or other family business.  This could be as simple as sharing a cup of tea, providing transportation for a care recipient, or even raking a lawn for a caregiver who doesn't have time.  It depends on your capabilities what you offer. 

To Become A Legacy Volunteer

You can become a legacy volunteer simply by giving us a call with interest in helping others. 


Volunteers receive on-going training in subjects that concern and interest them, staff and peer interaction and support, and an opportunity to be certified in CPR/AED procedures every two years (not mandatory but recommended).


Sharing the care giving may include assisting caregivers in the following ways: 


  • Run errands, assist with grocery and personal shopping, or pick up prescriptions 

  • Provide transportation to and from essential services and appointments

  • Plan a regular phone or home visit to provide friendly and supportive listening 

  • Prepare and deliver a weekly meal or treat

  • Perform general yard and garden care or light housekeeping assistance

  • Enjoy an outing together, promoting wellness through a recreational activity 

  • Visit with the care-recipient to free the caregiver and provide respite 

  • Share your personal care giving experience so others can benefit from your knowledge

Who Is A Caregiver?

You are a caregiver...

  • If someone relies on you for personal care.
  • If you're providing supportive care to a friend or neighbor who could not manage without your support.
  • If aging, chronic illness, or injury are forcing someone in your household or community to rely on you increasingly for assistance.


By becoming a Legacy Corps volunteer, you are offering your talents and services in providing respite care to enhance the quality of life for caregivers and those in need.

This experience can give you empowerment and growth, challenge and self-discovery.

What you give is priceless-

What you receive is immeasurable!


Contact Amy Bowie at:

97 Main Street, Suite 2
Delhi, NY 13753

Phone: 607-832-5750
Fax: 607-832-6050