Adopt a Grandparent

"In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us." 

~Flora Edwards


A program designed in mind for all those caregivers out there that just need a little respite time.  This helps the seniors in high school complete their community service requirements.  Whether it’s helping by weed the garden, a little errand here or there, or even as simple as a friendly visit/conversation.  This helps the younger society take a view at who helped create the world they live in today.  With this there is the possibility of fostering a lasting friendship and many memories. 


Our Goal

To improve the quality of life for Delaware County caregivers and their loved-ones, and by reducing the sense of isolation, physical and emotional stress and anxiety that accompany caring for those in need.


Who is a caregiver?

  • Someone that is relied on by another individual to assist with daily tasks incorporated with living.
  • Someone who provides the ability to maintain independence for the individual to remain in their familiar environment.  


What is expected of me?
  • Maintain your placement with your “grandparent” for at least one semester.
  • Complete a timesheet, recording the time spent.


What activities can I do? 

  • Plan a regular phone or home visit to provide friendly supportive listening.
  • Perform general yard and garden care, such as shoveling, raking, weeding, or planting flowers.  
  • Share life stories about school, family, sports, relationships, and more
  • Play a game or learn/teach a new game or computer skill.
  • Participate in beauty sessions, i.e. painting nails and creating up do's.


 How do I become a volunteer? 

  • If you are a High School senior, complete an information sheet with name, address, and contact information.  Please have this sheet signed by a faculty member.
  • You will be asked to attend a training session that will be offered at your school to cover information on safety, dementia, Alzheimer’s, communication and listening skills, elder abuse, and dying and death.
  • You will be matched with an elder that lives within your school district. 


By becoming a Legacy Corps volunteer you  

are offering your talents and services in

providing respite care to enhance the quality

of life for the caregiver and those in need.


 This experience can give you empowerment

and growth, challenge and self-discovery

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