Foster A Pet

“Our perfect companions never

have fewer than four feet.”



One of the greatest problems the senior population faces is loneliness.  We recognized that many of our senior populous were use to owning a pet but are concerned that they will not be able to adequately care for one due to the constrains of a fixed income and the fear that if something should happen to them, their pet would not be cared for.


A wonderful complimentary therapy is pet therapy.  After collaborating with some of our staff and the Heart of the Catskills Humane Society, we have come up with a foster program specifically for seniors.  The pet is still a ward of the Humane Society, therefore making their veterinarian care, and hygiene supplies the Humane Society's responsibility but this ownership would allow that familiar friend back into your life without those concerns.  The only requirement for fostering a pet would be tender loving care.


In a recent study, statistics show that dog owners are more likely to survive a heart attack than people who don't own pets.  Men with pets had lower blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol levels than men who didn't own pets.  In a study published about elderly people, pets supported better overall physical and mental health than those who didn't own animals. 


If you prefer a cat, they would have to remain inside and a dog would have to have a proper restraining area such as a fenced in yard or be leashed for a walk.


While the pet is in your home the Humane Society agrees to help by offering:

  • A high quality diet
  • Kitty litter
  • Litter boxes
  • Dishes
  • Carriers
  • Any other items necessary for the proper care of your foster(s).



What you need to do!

All you need to supply is time, energy, attention, and lots of love.  If the animal becomes ill all you need to do is contact HSCDC and they will arrange for the animals care at the Delhi Animal Hospital.  Another great benefit of the program is that if you feel you can no longer care for the animal or your health becomes such that you are hospitalizedor placed in a rehabilitation/nursing home setting, the pet will have a place to return to and will not be left without someone to care for it.  It will be taken back to HSCDC for continued care.

A furry friend is sometimes just what a loved one needs.  A pet to cuddle with, talk to, and the feeling of being able to care for something again.  This brings back the feeling of youth, happiness, combating the feeling of isolation and could even create a longer more fulfilling life. 

Why not give it a try?

If you know someone that could use the companionship of a pet, please contact:

Georgia at Office for the Aging

97 Main Street

Delhi, NY 13753

Phone:(607) 832-5750

Fax: (607) 832-6050



The HSCDC looks forward to working with anyone that is willing to provide some TLC to one of their animals.