Delaware County Legacy Corps &

The ARC of Delaware County

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."




The Delaware County Legacy Corps and The Arc of Delaware county have formed a wonderful partnership that has developed a unique program.  It offers a mutual opportunity for county residents served by Legacy and Arc program participants to develop new friendships and build a bridge that encourages fellowship, meaningful activities, and the sharing of mutual skills and talents.  This partnership can enable those participating to broaden their experiences, help achieve personal goals and desires, and develop relationships that can be so important to those involved.



Value of Friendship

Since many care givers of home bound county residents need to work outside the home, their loved ones can often suffer from withdrawal.  Loneliness and lack of human interaction can be a very serious problem, and may be further compounded if the loved one is confined to bed, in a wheel chair or just unable to be independent.


This lack of vibrant socialization is part of the challenge that Legacy Corps/Arc partnership tackles.  Arc's unique positive-oriented education program has enabled participants to seek ways that they can volunteer and be an active member of their community, helping others just as they have been assisted and supported.  As the participants from Arc have become more independent, they seek to work with Legacy Corps clients to bring some sunshine and joy to their lives. 


This opportunity can take many forms-from sharing common interests, doing things together, swapping family stories, or simply just spending quality time together. 



It's About Caring

The foundation that helps support this program is caring.  Program members can understand some of the potential challenges that each individual can face.  The new relationship should be valuable and important to both parties.  Wanting to help, wanting to share, wanting to care, that's the bedrock that can make for a new friendship, a lifting of spirits, with everyone looking forward to the next visit.


 Creating a Bridge


-New Friendships


-Share interests, talents and skills

 that have been overlooked or untapped


-Imagine the wonderful story-telling potential 


-Tackle challenges and achieve goals


-Foster socialization, build companionship


-Importantly, build a meaningful relationship that

might not have happened if not for this program



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